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    Possible New Suit

    You can tell what type of fold u need by a general guideline of the line dash pattern. - - - - is normally mountain folds, and -- - -- - being valley folds as the reverse. Some peps use other variations, such as different colours or line styles, just refer to the pep on the viewer - it gives you...
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    pepakura JFO helm WIP

    sweet helmet there, tempted to make one myself. the only problem i can foresee is the visor, so i'd like to see how this progresses before i decide to go ahead with this. great work :) any idea if there is a pep file of the gungnir kneepads that exists?
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    i need help!

    When you've downloaded the files from 4share, open the file, which will bring up the windows explorer option. Select Browse, and select either Pepakura Designer, or Pepakura Viewer. Depending on which program you open the file in, will guarantee whether you will be able to edit/move the 2D...
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    introducing me

    Ok, so hi, guys. I've become a member as I'm obviously interested in the Halo universe, and more so in that of Master Chief and Spartan armour in particular. I have recently gotten together with my friends, and we have decided to make this year's Halloween theme that of Halo. Thus, I am wanting...