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    Master Chief Is A Soccer Fan! (finished Helmet)

    Thanks for the positive feedback guys. I'm very pleased with how the helmet turned out. The only thing that I'm not excited about it the visor. I had to come up with my own solution because I just could afford the dual visor technique. It's also pretty dark in there. Thankfully the LED's...
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    Master Chief Is A Soccer Fan! (finished Helmet)

    Back on Aug 3 I uploaded a picture of the new Real Salt Lake stadium and said that my goal was to finish my Helmet and wear it to the first game in the stadium (Oct 9). Well it took 4 years to get a stadium built and 4 months for me to build my helmet but everything came together for a near...
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    Muddy Secrets Tutorial

    Ok, my first try didn't go to well :unsure: A few things- 1) I thought I'd have a lot more time to work with this stuff than I actually did. I'm guessing I had about 3 min before it started setting up. 2) I think I used too much. I started building up quite a bit of mud in areas I didn't...
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    Muddy Secrets Tutorial

    Anybody have an answer for this question? Runny or more like molasses? I've taped up a few areas on my helmet and plan to do use this method tomorrow. Any help would be great so that I don't destroy the weeks of work I've already put into my helmet. Thanks
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    Tutorial: Using Bondo for Detailing

    I'm moving into the bondo step on my helmet. From looking on the threads I've seen tonz on different ways to do this. Sometimes people cover the whole thing and loose the detail in the helmet. Is the Bondo process an important part to adding strength to the helmet? I just was to add bondo to...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Daniel Profession: Full time school at the University of Utah, Music Education '10 Age: 27 Favorite Hobby: Soccer Favorite part of halo: The impossible parts of the game on Ledgendary. You know the ones that take you days to pass but when you finally pass it you start jumping around...
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    How did you find us?

    I first heard about the 405th at HBO. They've front-paged several members creations. I visit HBO daily.