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    It is done. Time to manufacture 5 million copies

    I'm definitely stoked for it. ... Is it September 25th yet?
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    .pdo files

    You should have a couple months until the 3 year warranty runs out. Hurry!
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    test of toughness

    By the way he tries to get it back over the box, it seems that the cutout in the bottom of the helmet is the shape of the box and therefore is too small to put a human head through.
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    pep project

    Looking very good. I'm currently making mine and I'll be surprised if it looks half as good as this.
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    That's sweet as hell.
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    HELP WANTED! Spartan Regiments, help your state

    I didn't check through all 11 pages to see if there was already a Wisconsin one made. So, if there hasn't, then here you go:
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    Props Cardboard Assault Rifle

    That's pretty sweet. Keep it up, dude.
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    School's back in

    School starts in September for me but 2-a-days for football start August 7th.
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    halo the movie

    The oldness of this news in this topic reeks badly.
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    Scale Pillar of Autumn Display

    That is really sweet. I can't say enough about how well done the weathering looks.
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    Are you the biggest halo fan?? (contest)

    Well, I could try Chicago but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to win.
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    Halo 3 Legendary Edition

    I just went to my local Best Buy and they had a whole bunch of preorder boxes for the legendary edition on the shelves. I mean there were tons along with a bunch of limited edition and regular preorder boxes.
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    Possible new Campaign screenshot....New Details/Texture!

    Excuse me while I change my pants.
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    New content coming to Marketplace ONLY on 7/7/07

    I hope the stuff is free because I don't have any marketplace points left.