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    Caltecs Hayabusa Wip

    Ok, thanks for the info, ill be looking foreword to the aqua resin tut.
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    Caltecs Hayabusa Wip

    How Hard is it to use aqua resin? Im really not set up to handle regular resin, so ive been loking fore alternatives. Polyurethane is looking very promising, as is this aqua resin.
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    Easiest Halo Armor

    I started with a frag grenade, then made a H2 ODST helm, and now I'm working on the MKVl chest piece. H2 ODST was the easiest, thats wat i would start with. Plus, in the end it looks cooler. Here are some pics of the front half(I had to take off the back part, because it was too small).
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    Pep For Halo 2 Scarab

    Great model so far! What scale are you planing on making it to? It would be awesome to have a mini scarab for the desk, or to have a huge one as a centerpiece!