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    Halo Reach - Kat

    I don't think I can do much in the way of modeling right now but I went in and grabbed some more ref shots of the female player model: I'll see if I can grab some more too before it's all over :)
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    Eva Helm In Zbrush - Pepakura Files On Page 1

    Probably the closest you can get to a wireframe would be to turn on polyframe (should be on the right side near the bottom, near the zoom, scale, rotate, etc. buttons) and screencap that, only other way would be to export it as an OBJ and open it in something else. I don't have Zbrush on this...
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    Pepakura Ethics (Or Is It Ok To Make Moulds/bucks From Pep Files?)

    Personally I would go one step further and say that all game ripped models could be referred to as "recasting".You're taking someone else's work (the game devs), extracting it in a way that they never intended and using it for a purpose it was never meant to be used for. That's one of the...
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    What Did The Forums Used To Look Like?

    What gave you that idea? If registration date is anything to go by church 957 has been here longer than you have
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    Official Halo Reach Beta Reference Thread (Pic Heavy)

    Did you see this post by Ruze a little way up? We're not actually replicating the glitch but just viewing the video of that glitch by whoever originally did it :) @ HaloGoddess: Those are some good shots of the arm! Thanks for posting them :D I was looking for a good shot of the female...
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    Thor's Hammer, Mjolnir - Opinions Wanted

    Opinion time... Posting this up in a few places in an effort to get some thoughts on it so you may see it more than once ;) Also temporarily changed the topic title to get some attention :) People may have seen this elsewhere but I'm getting close to finishing up Mjolnir, which is based...
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    Pepakura Ethics (Or Is It Ok To Make Moulds/bucks From Pep Files?)

    I think you've got the wrong link in there, should be this: or this if you're after TMP's post in particular Also you need an account to view that thread, just in case non-members can't work...
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    Official Halo Reach Beta Reference Thread (Pic Heavy)

    These any good? More here too:
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    Official Halo Reach Beta Reference Thread (Pic Heavy)

    I managed to get back in last night and got a few more of the arm uploaded, put them in that set I posted in the pep files thread which I'll relink here :) I think we should have a pretty decent set of references with all these combined :D Now I just have to model the thing and see what...
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    Whats Up With The Massive Gallery Pics?

    Thanks Queen for doing that :) That's the same error I get too, I guess there's a permission setting that needs changing somewhere...
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    Hammer Drone Model

    Do not start this again, if you have to add something use the edit button. Especially since it's less than half an hour later.
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    Official Halo Reach Beta Reference Thread (Pic Heavy)

    Awesome, thanks heaps for that link Ruze! I went in and started taking some pics, they're in that first gallery of mine, some decent ortho type shots of Carters helmet in there so far. Typical though, the ones I really wanted of Kat's arm were the ones that never uploaded! :pDid anyone else...
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    Issues With Contacting The Mods

    Have you tried PMing all us Mods or just some? I don't normally have problems with people PMing me (other than there being so many news ones that I don't have time to reply to them all ;)) but I'll send a PM your way and see if that lets you reply with whatever it is you're after :) Another...
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    Wtf Is This My Helmet?

    I wouldn't be surprised if they had most, if not all of the new helmet and armour designs at least roughed out long ago. Possibly even before Halo 3 went final. I can see some similarities but I wouldn't go filing suit or anything just yet :pThough I know where you're coming from, I firmly...
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    Whats Up With The Massive Gallery Pics?

    As far as I know, Mods can't do anything to the personal image galleries... at least I can't, I can remove images from the reference section but nothing else. Can someone try reporting these massive ones and tell me what happens? I can't do that either. If that doesn't work can someone try...