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    My First Ever Pep

    Looking forward to your progress pictures. Best of luck to finish for Halloween. Gonna get the potent smell of the resin out of your suit by 10/31? Make sure to wear the proper respirators! I pepped some helmets and it smelled bad to put on for weeks.
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    How did you find us?

    Yahoo search "mjolnir armor" Checked out
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    What Pepakura Assembling Method Do You Use?

    I print, score and cut Sort pieces into sections using the pep designer/viewer and numbers (place into baggies) Fold and test fit the pieces to check if the fold are correct (not reversed) Glue the pieces to make the section As a newbie, my first attempt (MKIV) was to cut all and glue all...
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    Advents Pep Finished Mrk V

    Looks really good Advent! I have not posted due to not having anything new to contribute, but have been busy trying a Rogue Pep Just wanted to let you know anothe person is interested in your progress.
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    Did Anyone Else Get Spammed Today In Their Inbox?

    I got spammed 4 times from "prantiol."
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    How did you find us?

    I wanted to make Halo armor so I did a search on YAHOO and found the 405th. I started a Papakura MC VI helmet and started my membership on the same day!