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    ODESSA! How are you girl?! I'm not sure if you'll remember me; before the forum changed my...

    ODESSA! How are you girl?! I'm not sure if you'll remember me; before the forum changed my username was FemaleSpartan - we used to write for the Source! What the heck happened to that?! Anyway, great to see you're still here! :)
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    Femalespartan's Odst / Dare Build

    Hehe thanks Pony! I missed chatting to you! Thanks for the compliments, oh and hope your build is going well! :]
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    South Uk Based Master Chief Clay Sculpt

    Wow Sevv! Your work is incredible! Its really great to see an experienced sculptor on our side of the pond! Everything looks fantastc so far, best of luck with everything! :)
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    Femalespartan's Odst / Dare Build

    Haha it definately does suck sometimes! Yeah, I noticed when I got back, there's lots more people here now! Nice to see the community is still growing! Especially with Reach just 'round the corner ;] Oh congrats! Hope the move went well! I love Florida, its so warm! Youu gotta visit...
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    Femalespartan's Odst / Dare Build

    Wow! Hello again 405th! :] I'm SO SORRY that I've been pretty much non-existant here lately, I've been slipping behind with the Source along with my build because of studying, which I'm sure a lot of you can relate to, damn GCSEs :] Anyway, I'll cut to the chase; while I was gone I fixed up...
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    Uk Product Variants

    This has probably been put up here before, but I keep getting PMs about what glue I use, so I hope it'll be helpful if I put this here: Loctite All Purpose Glue Fantastic if hot glue gets on your nerves! This stuff is great ^-^
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    Need Help

    I think maybe courses in Art and Design would be pretty helpful to you, I'm studying Art and it gives you a pretty broad range of artistic media to work with, so you could use Lego as a base for any projects you have to do! You could even try studying Graphics, because I guess the whole idea...
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    Pooper's New Odst Suit

    POOPER! This is insanely epic as always! ^o^ Bondo looks really neat, and I love the paintjob! Keep up the fanastic work! I am officially inspired :]
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    Are Artists Takeing Halo Toys Too Far?

    Imagine how uncomfortable that armour would be, hahaa! Its some pretty awesome sculpting though, they look really lifelike! I wonder what they're made of? Wax? Hehe, somehow I don't think you'd get very many girls agreeing to wear anything like that! I agree with MsCommanderFluffy.
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    Femalespartan's Odst / Dare Build

    Hahaa thanks! We do flying scholarships, marksmanship, field craft, radio communication, drill, sport, loadsa stuff! We're a part of the Ministry of Defence so we have all the military standards...we go on to be in the armed forces at about the age of 20 unless we go to university :] So the...
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    Femalespartan's Odst / Dare Build

    Aww thanks! I seem to spend more time drawing than I do building XD Hahaa yup! Its like the equivalent of your USAF, only British - its just Cadets that will go on to be in the RAF :] Thanks again! :]
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    Soft Parts Odst Desert Warrior Project- Molle System For Mounting Armor Pieces

    I ADORE this idea, I really can't wait to see the finished product! Love the originality, I think this is gonna turn out very well. Are you thinking of using a different colour scheme for the helmet? Like, all camo-ed up? I think that would look fantastic (Y) Good luck with everything! Drop me...
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    Femalespartan's Odst / Dare Build

    Thankss! :] Hahaa thanks buddy! :] Why thankyouu :3 I'm thinking of making an ODST bucket too, what do youu guys think? From Dare to normal ODST = sex change hahaa! (Not literally guys, you're probs all worried now hahaa!) I was thinkin' of building normal ODST gear too, cause I...
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    Femalespartan's Odst / Dare Build

    Kwame! Hahaa thanks man! Mygoshh we should definately play some xbox soon, I miss the laughs hahaa! Kitty Cat Dance FTW! That was so EPIC! :] Aww thanks Pooper! Hahaa I'm sure the rain is out to get me...every time I try and do something with the build, it starts raining! I think I've...
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    I Miss My Dog. Amuse Me With Your Pet Pics.

    Not my dog, but so funny! My westie: And my super awesome guinea pig :]