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  • Greetings foam Goddess!! I'm new here, still in 'look and learn modus' and hoping to make an ODST armor that look half as good as some i've seen here, my jaw fell open as i saw your foam armor, that's a thing of beauty you got there (suits you, if i may make a compliment) anyways, i hope i can bother you once in a while with questions whenever i start working on my own, best regards from cold Germany (taking off my hat and making a deep bow)
    Hey there, I saw your foam build thread in the noob forum and... HOW ARE YOU SO GOOD WITH FOAM?!?! It's mind boggling. I messed around with foam just a wee bit to see if it would be a viable strategy for building my Mark VI armor, and I decided to just be hardcore and go with pepakura (not that foaming is NOT hardcore!!). But holy CRAP. Your foam build looks amazing so far!
    hey, first off, just want to say love your costume!! looks sooo great!
    second, do you still have the edited files from Halogoddess, for mark VI armor? I can't find them anywhere! It would be a great help If you still have them or, could send me to where you found them maybe? Its just on the pepakura file sticky thing there's a lot of pages o.o.

    I thought I recognized an airsoft M4 type magazine in one of your posts. I am a regular shadow squad member for the Operation Irene series hosted by John Lu. The next one, Operation Irene IX will be this year. Have you ever participated in any of John's events?

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