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    Dmr- Wip

    D: i just cannot beautiful *cry
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    Dmr- Wip

    may i have some blueprints plzz, or did u make this from memory?
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    Dmr- Wip

    looks sweet! where did u get the rails? and how r they mounted?
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    Props M6C/socom Conversion Kit (Lots Of Pics)

    yooo that video is so sick, how do u mount the camera on the helmet? o yea btw it felt like i was watching rainbow 6 or something
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    Get-Together In Florida

    gahh this suks for me to b living near fort lauderdale
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    Dmr- Wip

    i agree theres potential, il be following u like a stalker (i dont think thats a good analogy actually....)
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    Captain Powers And The Solders Of The Future

    u mean like this?
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    Bevbor's Non - Halo Weapons Collection

    looks friking awesome!
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    Who Wants To Go To Mars?

    too bad mars is gonna collide with its moon in 200 years :/
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    You Can't Unsee It

    lol took me a second to get it
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    Metal/weld Armor Creation

    im definately gonna watch this from now on, i wanna see the results
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    Thor's Hammer, Mjolnir - Opinions Wanted

    or u culd always just buy them instead from WETA
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    Stormtrooper Helmet Pep File?

    gah, ive downloaded it but i cant find the website that i did it from
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    Stormtrooper Helmet Pep File?

    the general idea is that the trooper helmet has too many curves which makes it extremely difficult to pep, however there are pep files out there which i have found but they rnt exactly hd quality
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    Steampunk Monocles And Costumes

    thats pretty cool, what else do u have in mind to use along with that?