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    finaly got xbox live!

    So, I, fragclones brother, finaly got xbox live on our 360 to work, and we're just wanting some people to add him, his gamer tag is "fragclone118" we're bored, and waiting to play with people.
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    Coolest avatar

    Eh.... its got my number on it? X3
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    Death Threat at school

    Your crew Tl thats my crew XD and you werent there! in 5th grade we went into lock down due to some escpaed ciminals, well, me and my friends in hisotry class were all planing things, "Ok if they come in, you distract him, ill get a chair and BAM!" it was a very motivational day =. But luckily...
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    Illegal Master chief

    Power rangers lost galaxy XD (Ranger nerd *points to self )
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    Anti-Sticky =D
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    2008 presidential elections

    Seems everyones just gotta go for the comedia ^^ can someone say, dejavu =. (what was that movie called ><) o_O
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    We need a slogan

    405th- not just a number 405h- We DO NOT kick dogs... some, no, wait, we dont =l
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    help on science project =P

    8th >_>
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    help on science project =P

    not all of them XD >_> theyre not all rocks =l she would have told us, besides does flmability sound like a mineral term to you =P, nice joke though XD
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    help on science project =P

    Well, im lazy, or atleast just cant find anything on it >< SO, i need help on this, to get to the point, ive got a science project where i have to make a picture book about science in everyday life, or some hobby you do =P >_> and i decided to steal my brothers idea and make it on making armor...
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    suit questions

    after folding? or printing? OR glueing? XD, well you have to get fiberglass resin, and then theres some tutorials on what to do from there (look around there should be a sticky in the "pepakura" section i think)
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    405th Candy!

    :lol: WANT!!!!!!! can we get the peanut ones please? :) those are my favorite.
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    Extreme Luck!!!

    hm.... well ive found (in total) atleast $150 on the ground out of all the times ive found money =O usualy tens and twentys XD even better, i had a pair of pants on, found 2 bucks in it, then changed, found a buck in that pair.
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    Pissy caller

    British =.
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    what would YOU say...?

    Id say, "yes he IS here, BUT im going to need your license and registration, your soicial security number, and the last time you went to the 'I NEED A LIFE' store plz, and thank you :)"