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    Anyone Have An Easy Low Detail Mc Helm Link?

    try the mark V on wiki i tryed it and it was farly easy
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    Female Mark Vi In The Works

    the suit is not going to be like that lol it is going to be alot more creative
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    Female Mark Vi In The Works

    ok gals i have decided to start making a female halo suit. i have seen pics of what it might look like but, i dont think any one has made one yet so... you know what that means.i will hopefully have it done by the end of summer
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    i am new still and am trying to find my barings within the forum
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    ok thx
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    i cant find anything about where to get cardstock that is why i posted
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    ok so i got everything except cardstock. where can i get some?
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    can anyone help me with scaling? i cant make the armor the right size it always turns out to small or to big.
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    Size Of The Pepakura

    ok thx
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    Size Of The Pepakura

    mark VI HD by df4L
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    Size Of The Pepakura

    ok i made a mark VI helmet and it was way to small for me how do i resize the helmet?
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    Halo College Humor Video

    wow! that was a great vid lol
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    is there any way to make a suit without the molding process? if not i will do the molding process.
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    I Need Help

    ok so i have created a full mark V suit but onthe pep it had coresponding numbers but now i am trying to make a scout helmet and it doesnt have coresponding numbers what can i do?