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  • Hey BLACKULA, when all of this Halo 4 stuff settles down after the release, my friend and I are making a Halo 4 Master Chief Suit, but were gonna make the armor for it and dress it up in a mannequin...like as a memorial statue kinda thing that we will have stand in my basement for inspiration...ya know? Anyways, word on the street is you sell your Halo 4 molds of Chief's helmet, just out of curiosity...how much are you selling them for, in case we will go to you for it?
    hey u sell any halo helmets?... if so whats price range
    Hello blackula. I had PM'd you about possibly purchasing a halo 4 helmet cast of you're still making them. I'm definitely willing to. I'm just not sure if you got my PM. Thank you!
    Hello Blackula727 i just recently started my prop making adventure and decided to make a h3 recon helm. i have just finished peping it and will begin fiberglassing it and covering it in resin. i saw ur recon helm and was wondering if u could give me a few pointers on how to mount the visor for the recon helm and any starting point/place to find the details on the visor (cant find any clear images) thanks you
    May I commend BLACKULA727 on his more than exceptional courtesy in assisting me. Thank you sir!
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    Hey! I'm not exactly sure how you do your moldings, but could I ask if there is a way that I could purchase a Commando helmet cast from you?
    Hey blackula727, i noticed your from Clearwater, I'm from St. Petersburg. Not too far from you. I was wondering if you would be willing to get together and work on some props or something let me know. I know I could use the knowledge. Send me a PM if your interested.

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    Hey there, I was wondering what materials you use for the casts of your armor, because I want to make casts of my armor after I've created it so I can mass-produce it once it's done & I was also wondering the cost. If you could leave me a message telling me what you use that'd be fantastic, anyway. Have a wonderful day & I'll see you around! Very excited to hear from you

    hey bro how are you?
    I was told by galvatron you would be willing to work out some trades for things...
    I have many old school transformers and old school marvel figures as well as some custom predator bio helments he tells me you make molds of things and such.
    I am working on the gungnir helment at the moment. just got the pep files on it.
    Hey! I'm new to the 405th forums but i wanted to tell you how great i thought you did on your commando helmet. i have done one other helmet and i was planning n using the pep file you used to make your commando helmet. The issue was that i was having issues scaling it and i was wondering how you scaled it? it would be much appreciated and once again amazing job on the commando helmet and all your other builds!
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