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  • once again too all my friends we have created a group specifically to ohio and would love to have you join and share ideas feel free to message me about it also looking to buy some pieces or a full suit for my nephew please pm if you have one ur intrested in selling
    *Marathon-Class cruiser 98%
    *Halcyon-Class cruiser 96%
    *Phoenix-Class Colony ship convert 75%
    *Covenant Carrier 20%
    *Covenant Cruiser 10%
    I am working on several ships right now including

    *Marathon-Class cruiser
    *Halcyon-Class cruiser
    *Phoenix-Class Colony ship convert
    *Covenant Carrier
    *Covenant Cruiser

    I realized that I made the frigate in A4 paper format. We use Letter format here in the US. oops:(

    I updated the download and it will now include both Letter & A4 format.:)

    If you started building the frigate i posted, it will come out at a slightly smaller scale than intended.:(

    Sorry for all the trouble:(
    UNSC encripted transmission
    >>>>>> Requesting transmission password>>>>>>>
    .................................Processing password..........
    >>>> Access granted>>
    >>>>> From the Captain to all on board crew>>>>>
    Attention it has come to my knowledge that a group should be formed based on our location. thats right OHIO i was courious to kno if anyone had any ideas as to what we should call ourselves untill i get premission to create one here i will make a page on face book. im looking foward to some suggestion hope to hear form you when the page is created I Will announce it on this page so check back. also if you know of other halo ohioians lol that wanna join please direct them here
    Thank You
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.END TRANSMISSION>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Hello Capt.

    Nice to have ya on board...
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