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    Master Chief unloackable on DOA 4?

    buy DOA 4. the stick itself is worth it... I have stuck someone and the explosion knocked them down the stairs giving themlike 1% life right when game started... BUY IT you wont regret it.
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    Wearing your armor in public

    I think i will just stay home and scare the local trick or treaters, or go to a party.
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    Halo 3 LeaderBoards VERY Awesome thats mine! 1.08 k/d :oops: [ive been tk'ed over 100 times]
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    Sean Bradly helmet "YEAH!!"

    :eek: now I see why you arent only working on my sword but helms too! your going to be rich! :lol: :tutu:
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    Any local 405th'ers???

    I live in Wa so does the guy in this picture I found in the game:
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    Post Your Halo 3 Screenshots Here!

    This is Marcus the art director :lol: (they put his face on monkeys rofl!) :lol: the monkeys with lighting own'd Just wanted to say HI! camo + mist = cool pic me getting own'd by the falling behemoth on sandtrap sunbathing with a streched neck My servants carrying me I owned him with...
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    Double Headshot in Halo 3

    lol, yesterday in a ranked game on construct i played I got 5 double kills [2 with br, 1 with grenade, 1 with spartan laser, and 1 with flamethrower]
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    Post Your Halo 3 Screenshots Here!

    overkill!! - 10 seconds later I got a "hail to the king" reward which is 5 kills in a row w/out leaving the hill jedi mind control on the dead jedi mind tricks to fire spartan laser out of my head
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    The Offical Happy Birthday Thread!

    :lol: Happy Birthday Adam and Caboose! Make it special! :lol: ~bman
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    Xbox Live Gamer Tag

    alright I should be on friday I will play like 20-40 ranked and social games ( want some cool pics ) pm me if you wanna meet
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    Post Your Halo 3 Screenshots Here!

    pretty cool pic that my friend took
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    Master Chief bucket

    fingers crossed!
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    Xbox Live Gamer Tag

    no, I as many others only want to play halo 3 so it is pointless to add people who play other games
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    Post Your Halo 3 Screenshots Here!

    :lol: :lol: :lol: