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    visor problem

    ah thanks guys. im almost done, just needed the visor. thanks again ;)
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    visor problem

    alright, so i just got my visor today right, and the thing is huge. when i put it in my pep helm, it stretches out the helmet. i know i gatta make it smaller, how, where, and with what. i dont wanna ruin my visor coz yeah, it would be a waste
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    to cheer you guys up, listen, how about a party at my house, halo 3, or maybe just rn around and cause havoc. haha
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    Michigan region reunit

    grand rapids michigan! WOOOHHHOOO!!!
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    Prank Call Ideas

    alright, this is like, totally stupid, but was freakin hilarioius. ok ok ok Other person=OP OP- hi hello how may i help you today me- hi uh i have one question for you. (home depot) does your mom have big knockers? OP-what? me- sorry, let me repeat. does your mom have big knockers? OP-...
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    Hobbies Outside of Halo

    hmm, i usually skateboard ALOT. I LOOOVE to eat, so i cook alot, and its mostly vietnamese or chinese food. ( coz im vietnamese, WOOOOOH) I play an electric guitar, plus drums also. I play drums in my little "wannabe" band with a couple of frends, and it kicks ass. I sometimes might be partying...
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    hey, if anyone knows and tricks, glitches, or secrets, post it on here. the first and only thing i know is the RvB easter egg on crows nest. if you play it on legendary, this marine is knocking on a door, then this other guy *kaboose* ask " pasword"? then *church* talks and yeah. its really...
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    Beat Halo 3. SPOILERS

    yea, halo legendary was super hjard. i think bungie just made the game easier for noobs, coz you know, 7 year olds play too. haha. seriously though, the game was gay. not so gay, but gay. i mean, one of the funnest part was crows nest and all those drones. bungie has to make a halo 4: the...
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    Beat Halo 3. SPOILERS

    seriously, they should at least make a halo 4, but i doubt that would happen, but this time, master chief comes back, the arbiter comes back, the elites do also, and also the brutes. this time, all those people are on a team, and the opposing team is george w bush and dick cheney. Hell, that...
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    Beat Halo 3. SPOILERS

    yeah, legendary is sooooo hard. omg, i had to do it all by myself coz no one wanted to help me. for me, legendary took about...12-15 hours i think. its freakin hard. i got almost all the skuills too, just not 2. the last part was pretty cool, but im dissapointed in the game a bit. it wasnt as...
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    launch time!

    its officially out! its 12:01 midtnight where i am! an i have just gotten it! well, my dad got it, but you know what!? WOOOTAGE! *he was first in line where he was at*
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    OH NOES! paper opps :(

    you should first make the pages portrait, not landscape. go to "file" and click on somethng like " paper configuration" aftert that, do portrait, then go size down your peices, or size up, then make it fit on the papers. that happen to me twice, now i have to make another one. 3!!! one more...
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    My Suit so far

    haha same with me. i made mine 22, didnt fit. 25, didnt fit still. im making it 28 now. hope it fits now.
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    fiberglass cloth

    oh sweet thanks again man :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    fiberglass cloth

    ooh thanks man. thats ganna take a while, what clue do you thinkwould work best with it? i have some krazy glue, and some tender mender. ( that thing works great with the cardstock)