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  • I'm working on A MK VI armor build and so far it's coming along decently. In order to make the halloween deadline I'm going to have to skip the bondo process which makes me sad because I always aim to do my best and make things look as good as I can but I just don't have the time. Other than that everything is fiber glassed and ready for primer. Also received my strapping in the mail so I can get to work! :p
    Haha yeah just stumbled upon it and was thinking to myself, "looks like halo and tron combined...EPIC!" I'll go ahead and post it in creation discussion and see what everyone says :p I would LOVE to do this build but I lack the expert skill these other guys have, I'm only making my first build as we speak.
    Hi, thanks for the kind comments. Please share Matt's story with everyone who might be interested, it is he who has inspired me to go out and try to help where i can. I'm not sure where you've read the story at but one of the places I've put it is here: http://www.chief117.webs.com/
    Kind Regards.
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