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  • Okay just ordered my aqua resin, gonna start resining my suit. i ordered aqua resin from a company in california, that was the closest place to where i live. the company is called Rose Brand. It cost me 20 bucks for the "L" liquid hardener, and about 25 bucks for a 6.6 tub of aqua resin powder, plus 20 shipping and handling. I will be posting up pictures of the final product once i aqua resin it.
    So im still researching before i start fiber glassing my first peperakura project, i have been reading up on Eva Foam, from others experience other than the cost is Eva foam a better way to go? I have been planning on Fiber Glassing and then bondo'ing my pepakura project, but i was thinking it is probably gonna be heavy to wear after fiber glassing and bonding. Thats just my thinking process so far.
    Is anyone working on making the characters from the movie Tron? I am working on designing the costumes from the new movie; I think the new tron characters look pretty cool, especially their helmets. Hit me up if you are.

    i have made this my new hobby, but i am creating an iron man costume from pepakura files. If anyone has these costumes could they email me the files please:
    Iron Man
    Iron Man Mark III
    Iron Man war machine
    bumble bee from the movie transformers
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