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    hahaha i know rite? well this fibergalss resin is a pain in my ... i did it yesterday at 8pm and its now 10:40am its still not dry in some places
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    damn man thats a real bummer... i am movin out next year... but i live with my gpa now so yup i can do w.e i want
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    Props real gun pep files

    yea man i did. i got his files they are really good
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    Props Odst Silenced Pistol

    ok i was wondering on the fiberglass resin what does it mean if it has a slight green color to it??
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    Props Odst Silenced Pistol

    om my gosh tht is amzing.. my next project will be this for sure. this is truly breath taking.. man u are a miracle worker
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    My Odst-Recon Project.

    yea it will be amazing when done like my chest piece
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    A N00Bs First Pep Job ;d

    nice.. jw when are u going 2 fiberglass it?
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    Could Use Your Input On My Chest Piece

    true.. looks good
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    Odst - Trooper's Thread Of Stuff

    the helmet dos look a little distorted tho... other than tht veri nice work
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    Portal Gun - Molding Started!

    totally. and simply amazing.. this is true work man its beautiful
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    different views.... going 2 resin and fiberglass today for sure one side shot of the fresh coat one resin... one layer still
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    ? whats taller? and thanks for the comment on eod.. it was a pain.. my friend made the recon perm its very nice. he also made the smooth recon pep file.. and what about tht magnum?
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    Pep Files Needed

    no dude dnt worry
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    Bondo And Sanding Guide

    wow purely a true help.. will be using this in about a weak thnx helps way better than some of the tuts i found
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    Pep Files Needed

    hey man.... no need 4 tht... srry i did i went through like 6 pages of stuff haven came close 2 finding it.. anyways in my other forum i have few pics of my armor and stuff i would like to know wat some ppl think about it i mean its my first make.. but dnt cut any slack i can take a dish out. so...