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    3D printed ODST armor [picture heavy] (All files made available)

    What sizing did you use? (plus your build if possible) I want to print a set but not sure about standard armor to body sizing. ( pieces import into my slicer unsized XD)
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    405th Mentor Programme 2.0

    Ill throw my name in too. Ive built alot of peps.but ive only hardened 3 of them have. One helm 2 pauldrons. One was sc320 one was liquid rubber( didnt work) and currently trying fiber glass. . Sc320 worked well but was expensive.. i would like to learn best way to do this so that i can make molds.
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    Tutorial: Wood Glue Pepakura Method

    I had this thought....not sure if it would work but. Nail polish is diluted with alcohol right...wouldnt using rubbing alcohol instead of water make it dry faster and smoother?
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    Marine Pilot Wip

    love the helmet i just made the one by vincenzo where did you find the one by ruze ive been postponing the detailing on mine becuase of all the bondo it will need but yours looks like it will need less detailing in the end any plans on what will be inside yours?
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hello my name is George Wilhite age :18 i am currently waiting to be shipped to basic training for air force hobbies pepakura, tennis, fencing, marksmanship, and 3 forms of martial arts goals: to become an inteligence officer in the air force (asvab scores were high enough that i get to...