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    3D-Printing Discussion Tips & Tricks

    I'll make the start because I already have a question in mind: I've printed this wonderful 3D model for the Halo:Reach Shotgun from thingiverse and it's sliced in many parts that had to be assembled. I glued all the parts together with 2 part Epoxy-Glue and over the course of assembly and 3...
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    3D-Printing Discussion Tips & Tricks

    3D-Printing Discussions, Tips & Tricks Hey everyone :D Since many of us seem to have 3D printers and are using them for Propmaking and Costume building we had the idea of starting a discussion & help thread on the forums as not to clog up the other communication channels with 3D-Printing...
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    2019 Con Report - 405th European Regiment

    Con Report: Epic Con Münster On Feb. 23rd & 24th our Regiment had a booth representing the 405th at EpicCon in Münster. This is a medium sized convention in Central Germany that attracts a lot of visitor from all around the country and even the Netherlands each year. It was our 3rd year at...
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    Props Elecronic target for Boomco blasters

    I can't wait to see (and try) this thing on the weekend! This looks so great and I'm sure will get a lot of people to interact.
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    Calling all Members. 405th EU Patches

    Hey, I would take 2 patches :) You don't need to send them, you can Just bring them to whatever con we will meet ^^
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    2018 Con Report - 405th European Regiment

    Dreieich Con Report The Con: As a result of our presence at Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart this year we got approached there by the organisator of Dreieich Con. Dreieich Con is a classical Role Playing and Tabletop Gaming Convention with it's focus heavily on the playing aspect, it was held...
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    Suit up & Introduce yourself!

    Name: Roman Location: Germany, Baden-Württemberg Age: born in 1996 Social Media: on Facebook and Instagram it's Fireteam Equus, on Instagram I have a private Account Roman Elischer where I post general crafting stuff (also non-Halo related) Cons: Cons in southern / middle Germany in general...
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    Gamescom 2016

    I will be there on all days too, together with Tobi and Lukas :)
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    Official meet-up : Dutch Comic Con 2016

    Saturday : - B.Carter - ODST - Johan - Noble 6 - M-073 - MC - Masky - Cendrilth - ... Sunday : - Masky - Cendrilth - ...
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    European Logo / Banner

    m073 Do we really need an eagle in our Logo? I think its quite overloaded if I would add one to my Version. I like it simple :)
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    Official meetup: Gamescon 2015

    Roman Elischer, I will be there from 6.8. - 9.8.
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    European Logo / Banner

    Hey guys, first time posting here and stuff like that so... *yay* ... Now that I did that, I have two ideas for the logo that lean on the existing 405th logo as a base, combined with a shield, symbolizing our european history... you know medieval and stuff... and of course the twelve stars...