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  • Hey Dave
    I just wanted to say I'm a big fan of your work and video's please keep making them your tutorials have helped me and I know that they can help other
    Hi Dave,
    Just wanted to say that seeing your work and videos have really helped out alot with my own projects. I have been following your work for over a year and am very happy to see your back in the act. The 405th is a better place for having you. God's speed.
    Saw all of your posted videos and thanks! They have really helped. You mentioned using dental files for fine detailing but didn't like the cost (>$100). Just wanted to let you know that canine dental instruments are just as good and only a fraction of the cost. My file only cost $20. Here is the website I bought mine at: http://www.scalelitedental.com/. Thanks again!!!
    I just wanted to say thanks for the videos you posted. They have helped me out a lot !!! <Many Thanks again
    hey cereal, just wanted to give a big thanks for ALL of your informative walk throughs on your process of the builds you have done. They have all been the main source of attack procedures on my builds, especially on the recon build where i didn't want to use stick on foamies for detail. Hope to see something more come from you in the future.
    Hey mate,

    Just wanted to say thank you for your awesome work and write-ups; reading your material finally motivated me to get off my butt and start building!

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading more.


    Ian M.
    Hey, I was thinking: Is it possible to get the pieces of a halo Reach ODST helmet (base) to fit on normal 110 lbs cardstock sheets when the height has to be 382?

    I noticed the chin piece clips onto the pages for example, which stinks :\
    Thank you for the informative videos; watched them all back-to-back. I'm new to this world of modelling. I'm attempting to make a helmet and chest armor for my 9 year old nephew. I've completed the pep work on the helmet and resined the exterior,then found a video on how to rondo the interior. That's where I'm at. Could you share where I can download photos so I can see the detailing work for the helmet and the chest armor. Also, what pepakura file should I download for the chest armor. I'm trying to make the same helmet model as yours. Last question, how do I scale/measurment for the chest armor; do I measure his chest cirrumference or is it lenght of his chest ie: clavical to last rib or clavical to naval?

    Thanks for your help
    Hi CK! I watched 4 of your videos last night. And I just wanted to say they are very good videos on how to make the armor.I've seen a lot of videos & not that many are great.And I like that you didn't have the music loud in the back ground like many people did.Could actually hear you.Going to watch the rest of them tonight. All the detailing you have in the piece is amazing.I'm hoping I can pull that off.I have a half mask finish at the bondo stage,I sanded it down.Was my first one. Kinda mess up from the bondo from wet sanding it.I'm already putting together a mark vi helmet. Trying to get a few different pieces together to be part of mi costume for dragon con.

    And I'm glad I came across your videos. Going to see how well I do at it using methods you used. Did you use the spot putty on the whole chest armor piece after sanding the bondo? Don't know why, but that's what I got from it. I'll re-watch that part again just to make sure
    But anyways. Awesome job on the videos & the armor!!!
    Thanks for the help, quick question though, the "paper" visor is now undercoated with Rondo, do you suggest using a dremel to cut it out once the rondo fully cures? Btw I checked out some of your builds and I am highly impressed to same the least, will be learning from your posts and applying your knowledge! Thanks again!
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