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    The Complete Respirator And Safety Guide

    If you are planning to work with composite material you should have available: Eye protection Respirator Latex, nitrile or neoprene gloves (the nitrile and neoprene are for people with latex allergies, you will find them at medical supply stores) Disposable coveralls Home Depot (trying to...
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    Official pepakura scaling thread

    I'll work on this some tomorrow (9-12), but I'm going to be busy so I may not get enough done to make a good post
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    My shopping list

    Well, looks like my armor going to be on hold for a while; and I'm going to be gone for at least two weeks while I find out if I'm going to be gone longer. Though, the longer I'm gone the more I'll have to invest in my armor (and other things).
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    Pepakura Fiberglass and Smoothing Tutorial

    When I first reas this I just skimmed it and didn't realize there were some tricks and tips that would help for Step 2 Fiberglassing the inside: plan out how your going to lay your cloth, my plan (may revise later) is to basically move from the top (crown) & brim to the neck, checks & chin...
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    Halo 3 on ebay!(New halo 3 commercial) (post#3)

    I know that this is normally allowed, but due to the demand for this item they probably have even tighter restrictions. Like when Harry Potter 7 came out, we were not even allowed to open the boxes before July 21.
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    help me

    I know the information is in the stickies, I also know that if you had done a search you would have found at least two more quickies because I did them; there were also other questions in those posts that probably would have answered your questions. You may just have to give up on having a set...
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    help me

    It's pretty easy to tell whether you've read the stickies or have done a search by what you ask, so read the stickies and do some searches!
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    Halo 3 on ebay!(New halo 3 commercial) (post#3)

    Possibly real, the game should be shipping to stores now so that they have copies on the release date (happens all the time with books). I have some buddies that work at GameStop & they verified that they have done the same thing. Don't bother asking them to sell it to you early though as they...
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    pistol scale problem

    I had just finished them a couple days ago and was going to post them after I'd tweaked them a little; but I put a rush on the raw 3ds files. Keep watching my other post; I'm going to be tweaking the weapon files. In the end I want to have pdfs that are ready to print My next step is to...
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    Official pepakura scaling thread

    If I had some final numbers I need these as a set Height of person, scaling actually used for the different parts, regular clothing sizes.
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    Halo 3 key ring

    I'd like to see one with the 405th logo If you need compensation/funding PM me
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    Pouring a fiber glass Helmet mold

    It has to do with IP laws. IP stands for Intellectual Property; in general, the originator of the concept is the owner of it and it can be sold, gifted, and willed. In general, (yes, it get's way more complicated; copyright & trademark laws are also a part of this) the owner has all say in what...
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    Odd Ball, Capture the Flag & Pistol LAN Party Props

    the flag model in the downloads has the ornament (I'm going to have to make a new one that only has the ornament) I'll add it to my post on the Pepakura Download Database (post #14) OK, I've got it posted. Follow the link & go into the "01 Cleaned 3DSs" folder, it's "Flag Ornament 01.3ds" It...
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    Alright, This is how it works around here.

    How about this, make it a part of the sign in, put two or three images & the comments on each page have a number of confirms down the page (hidden in with the text?) require all confirms to be checked before the continue button activates have it as one of the requirements for confirmation for...
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    pistol scale problem

    Give me a bit, I removed the balls in 3ds but those models are on a different system. I'll edit this post when I get them added. FYI, the balls serve as markers, they do the following: primary = a primary emission point, this is for barrel flash or similar effects, some models have more then...