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    I Want To Know If This Is A Good Idea

    Thanks guys, I'll definitely look into the cardstock. That seems like my best bet with all of this. But I think I may try with cardboard too, just to see how it comes out. I just had surgery and am out from college right now so I have more than enough time to experiment, haha. Thanks again...
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    I Want To Know If This Is A Good Idea

    Sweet thanks guys for all the help. I would prefer to use cardboard only because I am thinking that it will work better than cardstock, albeit that I haven't ever used cardstock before. Will it stand up that well? Also, I have a bunch of Bondo-Glass left over from doing some body work on my...
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    I Want To Know If This Is A Good Idea

    Ok, so I first started with pepakura and just plain computer paper and managed to make one helmet. I tried strengthening it with paper mache but that didn't work to well. So my next idea is this: I have some large, flat, semi-thin cardboard pieces from work (I work at a grocery store). I...
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    The Paper Mache Way

    Sweet! Im new here and just finished putting together my first pep helmet. I was trying to figure out if paper mache would actually work and this thread answered my question. How strong does it actually get? And should I coat it with any sort of primer before I paint it? I am trying to...