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    halo recon helmet

    Hey, I ran into the same problem but I used the real Recon helmet as a model to see how it needs to fit and mine comes out fine actually so maybe it's just something you need to get used to cause I was like : "wow I don't wanna be that fat". But it's good.
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    Halo: Reach Files Please...

    Hi guys, I was looking on the forums for some HALO: REACH files but couldn't find any so I was wondering if any of you guys had some files. So yeah if you want you can put them here with a link. Thanks for reading hope there's going to be a reaction! -Cheesecake
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    Halo Legends Sucks.....whoops ! Could A Mod Move This Please?

    Yeah I know dude, I've watched it too but it didn't feel like a real Halo movie to me. But I heard that Peter Jackson wanted to do the movi but I never heard anything after that about that project.
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    Complete Noob List

    That's a.... pretty long list of things anyway I'm ordering most of it and thank God I got a friend working for Walmart and he gives me discounts lol!
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    Mk V Helmet

    Realy? Wll I didn't know that..
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    Mk V Helmet

    Well if you need help posting pictures here's my tip: When you put in a reply you gotta type your text and everything but if you scroll down you'll see "attachments" through that add your pictures. Hope it helped you out! [attachment=15378:14lrqwx.jpg]
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    How To Make A Helmet From Pep To Finish

    Hey dude that helmet looks great can't wait to see you in it! Good job.[attachment=15377:14lrqwx.jpg]
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    Got Any Tips?

    Hey guys! We all know that the "new" people on this site need to know how to make their own suite of armor. But not every tip is shown on this site so I made this topic so all of the guys on the site could add some tips in just one topic. And of course I'll start with my top 3 tips: -...
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    What's The Regular Scale?

    Hey dude thanks that realy worked this body would fit me perfectly thanks!!!
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    What's The Regular Scale?

    Ok because I am now 1.92m tall so it should be like 60mm high? Anyway thanks for that tip dude it realy helped me!!!
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    What's The Regular Scale?

    The Chest file for Master Chief I've wasted so much paper on it maybe you guys know what the best scale is for the chest piece?
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    What's The Regular Scale?

    Hey guys I've been printing out some files you know for the armor but what's the regular scale for the body because it's at 403mm height but is that the regular scale or is that higher?
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    M6G Magnum

    I like the detail you've put in the gun. Oh wait! welcome to the forums dude!!!
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    What's Your Helmet Size?

    Well that depends on the file you use I use Flyingsquirl's file I needed to put the height at 360mm!!! So I was like maybe a diffrent model but they all need diffrent scales. Well good luck with your helmet! By The way that helmet with 360mm height fits me perfectly!!
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    Props Garland's Weapon Files

    Hey dude that is so awesome I really like the sniper rifle good job!!!