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    How much would you pay?

    I'd probably pay $15 for the lot. They're not really hard to get if you 'reserve' the posters... just talk to the manager of a GameStop, ask when the display will end, and ask if the store can hold it for you to pick up. I'd say $15 'coz that's about how much I'd spend on gas driving to a few...
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    Lego Halo

    I saw this topic and I was hoping that "Traveler's Tales" was producing a LEGO: Halo game lol
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    Serious patience pays off

    Yeah, fine, he can have it. But try this analogy. If you could have an Aston Martin Vanquish for $3,000, or a Ford Pinto for $5,000, which would you buy? You'd buy the Aston Martin - it's better and cheaper. The same for the PS3 vs 360 / Wii debate. Get a $400 PS3 or a $400 xBox. Same price...
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    Serious patience pays off

    Sony? This... IS... HALO!!!! *kicks you into a well* Seriously? A year of waiting and you blow your money on a PS3 when you could've reserved a Wii from just about any store, and paid $200 for a system that's five times better? Oh - I take that back. After letting one of my friends borrow my...
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    Website Design Request

    Would love to help, and would give you my site design. But my site is more important to me... sorry :p (I need my site to look like teh secks because it's a website for my company, Lithios Entertainment.)
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    New Maps and Modes

    BRING BACK BLOOD GULCH!! If Bungie doesn't bring back Blood Gulch for Halo 3, then they have just lost an extremely loyal fan. Plus, Halo 3 multiplayer "already legendary". I don't think so. There are plenty of other great multiplayer games that are waaaaay better than Halo 3. Like Halo. IMO...
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    i got the kewlest armor ever

    To be perfectly honest, still the best helmets have to be the Mark V and VI. They are the real helmets. The other helmets are Bungie's modeling guys having fun in Milkshape and 3ds Max. My favorite armor (and the one I'm striving to get)? Mark V helmet (don't have), CQB left shoulder (have)...
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    Wow... Iron and Black Eye make the game a lot more interesting... XD No recharging shields until you punch something? That made dealing with the drones and brutes in the base really fun... not.
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    oh... right. Sorry, I've been playing CoD2 and Halo CE and neither have a level selection screen like that in Halo 3.
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    ...what's the edit campaign options screen? XD I'm sorry I know I'm useless!!
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    Sorry, but where is the skull inventory? I've collected Black Eye and Iron - not sure what they do, though - and I want to know how to activate them in the future.
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    halo sheet music

    I have some Halo sheet music, depending on what you're looking for. And it's all for piano (I don't write for tablature.) However - go to and download Finale Notepad 2007 if you don't already have it. It's a free version of Finale 2007 - which I have and love 8D - and I can send...
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    Call of Duty 4 vs Halo 3

    Oh man I had a fun time on Call of Duty 2... on VETERAN mode!! Hill 400 was impossible... still haven't beaten in on Veteran yet...
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    Amy Whinehouse - The Drunkard

    Who got hit with the Ugly Drunkard stick XD She really does need to lay off the booze for a while, though. And then the Police turned up, handcuffed her, and took her to rehab...
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    Games to look forward too

    DON'T get Call of Duty 3. It is a right waste of money. It literally seems like Activision gave the new company the maps for Call of Duty 2, and then the new company added the ability to drive any vehicle at any time. Definitely get CoD4 when it comes out. And maybe look into buying Dead...