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    AutoDesk 123D

    I have tried this software too. I scanned a 22mm Games workshop Space wolf and it turned out better than I expected. It only rendered a loz res poly but it was enough to give me a basic structure to start with. Graned it was a 22mm mini but the results were prety amazing. I was also at an...
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    pepakura, glue vs tape?

    I use Masking Tape and it works like a charm! It's quick, it's clean, and it seals the seams when I pour Rondo in it. I Don't have to resin the pieces before I rondo and it's over all the best way to quickly build peps. I also cut off all the tabs so the seams match up perfectly so there is...
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    Thorssoli's Vacformed Warhammer 40k Space Marines

    Here's Some LOVE! Looking Great!!!
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    Warhammer 40K Space Marine

    Work is slowly progressing on my helm. Here are some more WIP pics: And a photo from a "Painting Tutorial ~ Rust" I worked on for another site dedicated to 40K I am still alive and working is progressing. It's all about time and money right? Can I borrow some time, anyone?
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    Hey Atte, SOrry for the late response. I am not on the 405th much any more. I am over at the...

    Hey Atte, SOrry for the late response. I am not on the 405th much any more. I am over at the Obscurus Crusade these days. It's all about Warhammer 40K stuff. 405th is amazing but the 40k gets lost in the boards here: Check it out...
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    Starting a new project SM Terminator powersuit

    Subscribed!!! Great files.
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    Thorssoli's Vacformed Warhammer 40k Space Marines

    You my friend have made me pee! I've been off the site for a while and then I come back to see this! Epic is not the right word and unfortunatly my mind is so blown away with this I can't think of anything better! Mouth gaping ... and peeing... What is the expected time frame for a run of...
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    Awesome Halo Cake

    It tastes amazing too! German Chocolate and Chocolate filling! Now I have a munch of 7 year olds hyped up on Fondant! I've added two photos to my album showing the primary damage to the left side, but think it's still drivable though! Gio had to use a few styrafoam on a few places to hold...
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    Awesome Halo Cake

    I forgot to place the public link in here. I hate facebook sometimes! :lol
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    Awesome Halo Cake

    My wife's friend Gio makes these amazing cakes. So we challenged him to make a something from Halo. I took a few photos from the Forge and this is what he came up with! This is amazing! I've uploaded them to my facebook account so check it out here...
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    Project All Is Dust

    Awesome, That kind of what I thought but just wanted to be sure. Are you planning to fiber glassing and bondo the pieces to make it all more stable? Here in Florida that Pink foam is easy to sculpt but not very sturdy.
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    Project All Is Dust

    Great Work! !!! Could you send me a link to he materials you are using? I understand the foam for the subframe, but what are you using to wrap the frame? How are you getting it to look so smooth?
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    Warhammer 40k PDO Files

    I have started a folder on my for these files. Right now I only have a few files in the folder but will try to add to them as I get more time. Sisters of Battle PDO Files:
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    Space Marine Pep Files

    check out my signature for some more files I am working on.
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    Blood Raven Space Marine Armour Project

    Scaling, The biggest subject on 405th. I would recommend searching out the scaling methods of Xtreme Tactics his tutorials are pretty good. and most of my scaling is near perfect when you follow those methods... However! Using someone elses scale isn't the best way to do this because they...