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    Makeshift support struts?

    you could use balsa wood
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    Idea I had about fiber glass resin

    the resin cures based on a chemical reaction, not heat... the heat is coming from said chemical reaction, and the refrigerator probably wont keep it from hardening
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    Heavy Blaster pistol.

    i have been inspired! im thinking of making a revolver type fallout 3 steampunk kinda weapon, might be based completely off this one if thats cool with you...
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    Halo 3 m6c wip

    here is the finished product, sorry about the "low quality photos" enjoy, questions/comments welcome!
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    Heavy Blaster pistol.

    i was gonna say, the front reminds me of the laser pistol
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    Halo 3 m6c wip

    thanks, i will redo some of the lines, and clean up most of the edges, as for right now the glue is still drying on some of the parts...
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    what weapons to build

    i dont think ive ever seen a beam rifle, i could be wrong if so they are pretty rare...
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    Portal 2 P-body help please

    how would you remove the wood? [edit] sorry i misunderstood
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    Portal 2 P-body help please

    you could build a frame out of strong wire for the egg shape, then fiberglass over it... just an idea
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    The Emperor's Champion (Black Sword WiP)

    thats some pretty brutal looking armor!
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    "Help!" for: Papercraft or Pepakura

    sadly pepakura is not for mac or linux with that said, would anybody mind changing the pdo file to a pdf file for all of the mac/linux based users?
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    Custom Project By RT WIP (Pic Heavy) New Pics.

    nice, wish i was that dedicated to a set of armor
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    Halo 3 m6c wip

    thanks, here are some more pics of the progress, all of the detail is carved out, now it just needs a snazzy paint job. right now its about 90% or so, i might go back and redo some areas
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    Custom Mandalorian Build: W.I.P.

    looks good so far!
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    Halo 3 m6c wip

    heres a couple photos of my wooden m6c maybe 75% complete enjoy, constructive criticism is appreciated!