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    Ironman Mark 6 ?

    Good idea on the ab plates. It's not new but good idea. Clarx used this technique on his Mark3 build, and yeah it works fine and dandy. ;)
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    Quakevirus's Ironman Mark V Armor Build Wip

    Quakevirus, very nice job as I said on the RPF really nice looking. :cool Comments like that will not make you any friends here, guy's a bonehead on any forum you go to. ;) It was Fetts that designed and built this armor and gave up all the templates. He is the one that should get credit...
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    Dancin_Fool's 3D Model Thread

    You can see it if you click the link in my sig. It worked fine IMO.
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    Dancin_Fool's 3D Model Thread

    No just your use of wording. "feet" No I would measure and see where you need to be for scale. You might end up smaller in the neck area or larger. Mine I had to scale way back to fit me but that was to fit inside my helmet opening. ;)
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    Dancin_Fool's 3D Model Thread

    So your 6 "foot" 4" :p I would scale up approx 7% based on that and see if the dimensions work for ya. Measure yourself for whatever part your building and see if it's going to fit with a bit of room for padding etc.. I would start at a scale of 1.62 and see how it goes.
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    New Hd Iron Man Mk V Suitcase Helmet Done

    Pep makes absolutely no sense for the suit design. This would be a far better and less time consuming method. Clicky for the suit build
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    New Hd Iron Man Mk V Suitcase Helmet Done

    You'll never be happy with it, I know all about that. Perfect is the enemy of good enough. ;) And you deserve the compliments. :cool Oh and replyed to you PM.
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    New Hd Iron Man Mk V Suitcase Helmet Done

    Very nice Dub. :cool I'll have to have a go at this when your sure your all done with it. :p
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    Another Ironman Project

    All pep. Could anyone reading this please let this die, I removed my stuff form the 405th for a reason. I posted a link so nobody would have to bump this any more.If you want to make a comment or whatever just do so on the RPF please Thanks.
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    Dancin_Fool's 3D Model Thread

    That's easy leave it alone. It wont make much difference. Mine is standard scale and fit my buddy who is 5' 9" just as well as it fits me 5' 10.5". It has some leeway to it.
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    Pepakura Ethics (Or Is It Ok To Make Moulds/bucks From Pep Files?)

    Quote for truth. :cool And yeah TMP is pissed cause "his" money may end up somewhere else and not in his pocket "where it belongs" :rolleyes
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    Another Ironman Project

    Yes it's up on the RPF I'll be updating when I have more done. ;)
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    Pepakura Printing Help

    I think that's a bit overkill. You might want to start with uninstalling the printer drivers and Pep and reinstalling. Way quicker and easier (no backup required) I'd give that a shot first.
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    Gallard's Iron Man Wip

    Could have pm'd me. ;) That's one of the types I use, I have quit a few different brands/grades that's the rough out stuff. :)
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    Smoothon Moldmax Rubber Silicone

    I agree just go with the brush on stuff there's no fighting it. :) I did it a different way but still brush on, just urethane. :)