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  • Hey, I've seen your stuff & it's absolutely fantastic, I'd like to request some work from you if you're willing to, I need files for Elite Minor & Officer armor, I'd like to challenge your skill & commission your work in a fan film I'm working on. Until then I'm very anxious to hear from you. Keep up the good work!
    Did you ever get that Lancer from GoW2? The one you posted for in the classifieds?
    If so, please get me the contact info. Thanks
    I don't remember what thread I found them in, but thanks for sharing your MK V files. My suit is about 80% done, and when it is I'll be sure to post my creation thread and thank you for your files.

    Hopefully I do them justice.
    Heya, Nintendude mentioned in the Pepakura Requests thread that you have a pepakura file for a Loki helmet? I can't seem to find that you've posted a link anywhere, so if you still have it may I have a link?
    Hey I have a quick question and I'm sorry to bother you with this. I really like the work you did with the HD Mk5 pieces! I've begun pepping them and everything but I'm running into a problem with the Forearm pieces. I increased them 20% in scale to fit my arms since they were tiny and the width is fine but they are still too short. Is there any chance or do you already have a Forearm file for this where the length of the Forearm is increased?
    once again too all my friends we have created a group specifically to ohio and would love to have you join and share ideas feel free to message me about it also looking to buy some pieces or a full suit for my nephew please pm if you have one ur intrested in selling if your already a member thanks for joining
    Rhinoc man I'm with you and the other guys in that I'm considering leaving the 405th.

    because of N00bS, and other people who have degraded the integrety of the site.

    And the captain recon WOMAN.......... is a douchebag

    Sometimes I wonder what happened to the forum.
    i just read your thread about the noob invasion and i hope that you considering leaving doesnt happen. i personnaly havent had any noobs message me but i get plenty of that sort of thing outside of the forums.
    i just wanted to tell you that i understand and agree with you that the mods might be talking but nothing is happening (we may just not be seeing it). maybe we could put our heads together and come up with something that the mods could use.

    again i understand your frustration and i hope you decide not to leave
    Hey man, I just saw your rant thread, as Spase said, some people ARE doing things for it to change, such as XtremeTactics and more, all we have to do is hang in here and wait for the storm to pass.
    We should have a specific section of the forum reserved for old members true to the 405th, such as me and you.
    I'm deeply saddened by the fact that Nintendude has had enough of this, but we must hang on here.
    hey man im back and i have to say im still into the armor its been like two months so now im back in the game

    o and i have kinda cancelled the jorge project i am stiil making the prop peices but just for molds
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