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  • Thanks a lot! It shows as a beginners effort but I believe it still looks decent. Most importantly, I learned a ton doing it.

    I am just finishing up some detail stuff. Hope to have a real photo shoot this weekend and I'll put them up quickly.

    Take care.

    My build is a mish-mash V and VI build. The armour itself is actualy low-def Mk VI, the helmet is a low def Mk V. I'm finishing up the last couple of low-def Mk VI pieces. I'm trying to have a complete suit before the weather here in Canada makes it unlikely I can get things done with the materials I have. Pics are available at the link in my signature block.

    Over the winter I'll be putting together a high-def suit. I'll need to get indoor friendly material for that.

    There's a SF convention at the end of the month. I'll have pics of that!

    Best Regards
    Hello and welcome to my profile! I'm new to the site but I'm very excited to learn what everyone has to teach and hopefully one day I will build a complete halo suit!
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