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    Friends Hayabusa Project

    this topic is about me making my friends armor Ghost147. And here some pics [attachment=13568:Picture 13.jpg][attachment=13569:Picture 14.jpg][attachment=13570:Picture 15.jpg]
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    Friends Hayabusa Project

    Ok hi 405th members this is soulc and this my friends armor thread because he deosnt know how so for the time being im not going to do the school project. =D
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    Gundam Peps

    Thats cool stuff you should make the chest legs waist arms and weapons but thats just me lolz =D Gratz
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    How Make 3D Models

    Hello 405th people. Im a noob of making 3d models and i was wondering how to make 3d models of armor. What programs for the model makers except blender and what tech stuff to do. thnx 405th members who posted and helped me. :lol
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    C.q.b Wip.

    hope your helmet will be finish i want to see more lol. :D
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    Seaninja951's Odst Build

    what are u going to be for halloween. im going to be the amry of two guys with my bro. heres a pic [attachment=13039:army_of_two_01_1600x12001.jpg]
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    C.q.b Wip.

    no it ok to put on a second layer. hope you bondo. lol =D
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    Custom Halo 3 Armor Build

    lolz thanks. srry to hear may be finish before saterday because of school.
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    Custom Halo 3 Armor Build

    Hi 405th members this is a build for my school art class. I told them that I would make my halo 3 character before school ends. so heres a pic of my rogue helmet so far.[attachment=13002:Picture 2457.jpg] [attachment=13003:Picture 2458.jpg] and yes my web cam sucks lol. :lol
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    Halloween Plan B , The Shredder

    Thats great scratch building. Hope you finish it. :)
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    Need Reference Pictures

    heres this site i found some pics lol this is old
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    Soft Parts Question How Do I Make My Halo 2 Odst Armor A 2 Piece

    After you fiberglass, risen, and bondo or some other way look on the side. make a imanganry line going up and down. after that put in straps so you can wear it. sorry if its too late
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    My First Armor Build

    Dude it is looking good hope u finish. :)
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    Bass Armor W.i.p. (Megaman Armor Discussion)

    oh will hope those workout help alot.
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    New Unfolded Patterns For Smoother Pep Builds

    the only thing you need to do is the bottum half lol. hope you finish. :)