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    Roll Call Southwest Regiment Introduction

    Hey hey another one from Arizona
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    Regiment membership - please all read

    Thanks Fangs!
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    Regiment membership - please all read

    I have both covered already, being at about 69 last time I checked and being a member well over a year, and no rush of course :) New system is all kinds of confusing still haha
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    Regiment membership - please all read

    Is the old application system done with? Anyway looking to get into the Southwest regiment please
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    405th Community Software Update!

    Has ups and downs but so far liking it a lot more than the old setup.
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    Halo 3 Marine Armour

    That's a good start keep at it! Sent from my SM-J700T using Tapatalk
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    ODST Foam Build

    Like it! Very crisp looking attention to detail
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    Halo Reach: ODST Mk I

    lot of little details to keep track of but you're really getting em well
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    ODSTs Elementary Drop

    Thanks guys! It was lot of fun. Hope to be able to get out and do more of this kind of thing
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    ODSTs Elementary Drop

    Last week I was given the opportunity with a few other cosplayers to visit a local elementary school. It was the first real trial run for my finished suit, seeing how well it holds up in an event. And not only did it hold up, but the kids had an amazing time too! We were lucky enough to be...
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    MA5B/MA5C need some advice on painting

    Always thought the back end of that nerf gun made a perfect ma5.
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    Forward Unto Dawn: Cadet Armor

    The chest actually looks a lot like an ODST plate, just with a lot of extra layers under and around it. Least to me anyway
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    Forward Unto Dawn: Cadet Armor

    It'd be pretty fun to try and make that suit. Lot of it just looks like repurposing of other armors
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    Halo 3 Master Chief Helmet EVA Stuck!

    Have a friend or family outside your island buy it and mail it to you maybe