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    343 has stated that they will return to the Chief.

    The beginning is, but the rest is the "Landfall" trailer for Halo 3
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    What Do You Miss About Halo Ce?

    I miss the massive amounts of blood that spewed from people when you melee'd their corpses.
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    ODST Files :S

    Just be sure you don't try the 405th mirrors, because they won't work.
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    ODST Files :S

    This is where you can find the majority of the Halo pep files Link
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    G4 E3 Booth Babe Contest

    AKA the 405th
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    Yeah, it randomally connects you with someone... And SP was right about it
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    Lol I knew, just wanted to make that joke :D Anyway, I've never been on Chatroulette from what I've heard you usually see... But I do love to see reaction pictures on the web
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    I thought you were a guy...
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    I hope you don't think that that's what I thought :D It's just I've been on other forums where they wouldn't allow talk of modding consoles. Here's a nice little tutorial for those wanting to hack their PSP's By the way I'm pretty sure the hacked firmware keeps you from playing commercial...
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    Computergeek's Modified Mk V W.i.p.

    Why thank you, I plan on posting some pictures of progress so please don't lock this mods :D EDIT he he... 117 posts
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    Yeah, if you're buying a PSP for this, buy a used one at gamestop or ebay unless your friend has one too or you feel like risking a pandora battery... Google this stuff I'm not sure we can really tell you how to hack here
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    Incredible... I take it you will need a hacked PSP to play?
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    Halo 3 Odst Helmet Pep Video

    Wow, nice pepping. It looks very clean and well put together
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    I'm Gonna Cry!

    No, I actually never finished it because it's pretty crappy But I will post the file if HaloGoddess will let me and someone wants to take a crack at finishing it Goddess, I'm really sorry for slacking off on this. I guess I just bit off more than I could chew