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    Roll Call - Canadian Regiment Introductions

    Name: Cpl Shepard Location: Near Toronto Costuming since: 2012 About me: Woodworker, Artist, Loves VHS tapes, Steak-eater, Whiskey Enthusiast Favourite Cons: Anime North Costumes/Props: An SB ODST set and working on a proper vacuum former
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    Vacuumforming heatbox/frame designs

    For those of you working with thermoform plastic, how did you design your heat box, what radial heater did you use, and what did you choose to do for a frame? Recently I had to revise my vacuum table with a newly drilled board for adequate suction, but the MDF boards I used as a cheap heat box...
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    Luc's ODST Build

    I like the neck seal idea, I used the stormtrooper one from our friends at 501st, but this looks much better.
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    Props Halo armor water cooling kit V1 DONE

    Interesting, a torso cooling option wired to a buttpack/fury sounds great. Will be following closely.
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    Mass Effect 2 Templates Have Arrived

    Very cool, looking forward to doing a blood dragon helmet for my wall.
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    I found the halo "ships" pep files!!!!!!!!!

    I'd love to build and paint a Pelican for a desk dislplay.
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    Notice: Rustoleum Paint Reformlulation - Crazing on plastic

    That would explain why the last PC case I was working on turned out weird, might be a bad batch at the manufacturer's.
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    Halo for PC

    I logged in and played H2 Vista back in October, and it was still functioning with sparse multiplayer and achievements. On Win 7 with SP2, don't think Win 10 has a good track record with functionality.
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    Thermoform Sheet Source

    There's a list of a few thermoform options for sheeting here: I chose ABS for the low cost, it's an acrylic type of plastic, wikipedia should have the full explanation. If there's cheaper plain acrylic sheets I'd go for...
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    Thermoform Sheet Source

    I'm trying to find affordable ABS sheets within the country, however the quote I got from the biggest plastic company I found was the same price as 4 sheets of 24"x24" from the states, but the shipping for those was astronomical. Does anyone else here have a better source? If this isn't an...
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    The problem with ODST visors is that the unusual shape demands vacuum forming, but the process usually cracks tinting that's applied to the thermoform plastic material. I'll be experimenting with some ideas to mitigate that risk soon, even our colleagues on the PRF have had problems with the...
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    Mesh's ODST BDU Mk2 (Camouflage MTP)

    Re: Mesh's ODST BDU Mk2 Send those pics to DARPA and get them to build a cooling system for the inside, I'd fight aliens in it any day.
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    Props H4 Sniper WIP

    Looking good, if the optic's hollow you can consider putting some LED in there for the glow effect.
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    2016 Event Roll Call

    I might be able to make Anime North in May, see you there.