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    Halo Reach C.Q.B. Build (Thank you Bungie!!!)

    Thanks guys :D I actually bought a really nice rotary tool set that was on sale here at Canadian Tire. It's regularly $120, I got it for $40 so can't complain. It works really well too ^_^ Been studying for midterms next week and have a birthday approaching, so I haven't had much time to put...
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    Noble 2 Catherine Armor WIP

    Good luck! It's looking good so far, and I can't wait to see the final product ^_^
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    Halo Reach C.Q.B. Build (Thank you Bungie!!!)

    Watched those tutorials, those are wicked! I'm dying to try this now, as soon as I get enough money to purchase more Bondo rofl. Began dremmel detailing on helmet. Should have more photos tomorrow ^_^
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    what is with the stupid 10 yr olds....!!!?!

    Not sure what spurred this thread, but there's actually proof that he's not Master Chief rofl. *SPOILER WARNING* At the end of the game, there's an Easter egg where you can see MC during the second last cinematic just by changing the camera view. Here's a link for anyone interested, you've been...
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    First thread, First armor, First Pep.... Dang I'm a noob!

    Looking wicked daxter! :D Just by looking at the photos you've provided I'd definitely say that's the HD version as well. The small folds on the side circles seem really tightly-knit which is a lot more round than the polygon style of low-def models. It's looking sweet though man, can't wait to...
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    Halo Reach C.Q.B. Build (Thank you Bungie!!!)

    Added Bondo pics lol. Looks like a giant blob currently, but sanding / carving skills will hopefully make this blob into something a lot prettier tomorrow after class! Stay tuned ^_^ @daxter I hear you man lol, I've been reading consistantly over the forums for this entire process and trying...
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    Spraypaint Tutorial for your own HALO Armour. for noobs AND skilled user

    Amazingly well done tutorial! This is going to help me a lot, thank you :D
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    Halo Reach C.Q.B. Build (Thank you Bungie!!!)

    Thanks for the support guys :D You're really helping me keep motivated to finish this now ^_^ I agree that some of the Reach changes do look a little bit strange, but I have some ideas to make them look very cool! I was originally thinking about making a UA/HUL permutation of this (Visor looking...
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    How did you find us?

    I watched several different Youtube videos. It originally started with "YOUR DAD"'s Emile helmet that I accidentally stumbled across, noticed multiple people sporting the "proud member of 405th infantry division" on their videos afterward and became intrigued with the idea of building my own...
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    Halo Reach C.Q.B. Build (Thank you Bungie!!!)

    I'm going to be wire-snipping / sanding the excess fiberglass that's sticking out around the visor area + the opening of the helmet. As it currently stands, it looks incredibly dangerous to stick my head into, and I don't plan on doing so anytime soon rofl. I'll attach a pic to show you. Thank...
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    Halo Reach C.Q.B. Build (Thank you Bungie!!!)

    Currently working on a C.Q.B. helmet. I have the model fully fiber-glassed and I'm going to start sanding + Bondo'ing. I decided to start looking at my in-game character since I'll be using that as the colour scheme (grey/white). While looking at it, I realised that they've completely changed...
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    Is a Workhorse P100 Respirator fine?

    Ah good call. Thank you so much :D They only had Workhorse ones while I was at the store so I'll have to check Lowe's or Home Hardware lol. Thanks again for the help, I figured I may as well check here first before I started since I'm new to this rofl.
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    Is a Workhorse P100 Respirator fine?

    Ah sorry, hopefully this link works!
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    Is a Workhorse P100 Respirator fine?

    I went to Home Depot yesterday and bought a $45 respirator capable of blocking asbestos and lead, I asked the sales associates if it'd also protect against resin particles, and they said it "should" rofl. Unfortunately I'd rather make sure I'm going to be fully protected before I attempt using...