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    RC armor is a good place 2 start
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    new halo action figuers some are scout ,eva eod armor styles
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    my freinds mom i depressed i knew this lady and her son they were very kind i fell reelly sad and mad out what happend to her
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    what kind of pets do u have i have 2 dogs coco and lizzy 2 cats gizmo and joey 4 hermit crabs flash ,bimbo, pincher's and pudge
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    halo shild

    finnaly some one understands :lol:
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    Shield and Combat Knives

    this shield is the one im going to make can some one help me
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    halo shild

    does any one nkow the mesurements
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    halo shild

    the one when u chose which mode to play on like normal heroic
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    halo shild

    hey guy and girls im bored and going to make the shield thing can u help me find refrence pics :D
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    New Halo Wars pic?

    The Phoenix-class Colony Ship is a ship classification within the United Nations Space Command. A Phoenix-class Colony Ship, The Spirit of Fire A Phoenix-class Colony Ship, The Spirit of Fire The Phoenix-class starship are often modified into warships, such as the UNSC Spirit of Fire, which is...
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    :cry: :mad: i hate my mom my dad AND mom are getting divorced and when she left one day she destored every the i had made of my armor i came home today to find a pile of ashes and pieces of paper and she told me i was my armor i went up stairs to my room to look and see if she was lying she...
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    lego warthog

    hey thanks for all the reference im now looking 4 the pic on my computer
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    lego warthog

    i have alredy made a perfect roolcage and main body
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    lego warthog

    hey guys and gals im making a lego wart hog will post pics when i find the camara
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    Optimus prime costuming?

    this should be much better /