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    Outdated links to Destiny related models

    Thron Here are some links to the stuff I worked on. I don't think any of it is unfolded though. Hope you can you use any of it and good luck on your builds.
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    Armorsmith Designer Beginner's Guide

    Is their a way to export a copy of the figure with your measurements? I would like to know so that I could then boolean any parts to it. this would make a pretty close internal sleeve. For 3d printing. Like forearm, shin and thigh parts. I don't own this program yet.
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    3D printer

    Negativecacti I been using the creality cr10 with hatchbox pla and abs. Other than upgrading the bed leveling knobs, and replacing a hot end( my fault) its been a pretty good machine. I have made destiny props and voltron figures and a bayard with sword. The pla you need to keep it out of...
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    Steam Group

    Thsnk you
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    Steam Group

    How do i join?
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    Google stadia

    I signed up for this new game service from google called google stadia but it isnt launching till november. Has anyone else looked into this? It comes with perks and if i read it correctly mobile phone access to games like destiny 2...
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    got any Destiny players on Xbox One? HMU if yah interested

    I still play when i am home which is in another week. Add me if if anyone wants: bravesirrobin81
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    Any Anthem builds or files?

    Only obj files for four builds. The site has fully 3-d models of each javelin now. : AnthemTheGame No pepakura...yet
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    Crimmson Vault

    That's right! I forgot about it since I hadn't 0layed in 3 weeks until last night. I just barely got all batons done, haven't explored the new area too much as I am high enough level and kept dying. The models aren't mine I got them from my mini factory. I am working on the ace of spades and...
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    Voltron 3d print

    It's coming out ok. Had other pressing stuff that popped up last minute. I like the paint job still and my daughter loves it. I feel bad that it's not the best I can do for her.
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    Crimmson Vault

    Thank you I should have worded my previous post better. The lore is there as you said ,but it is not in game as i believe that Bungie could have included it as payable content. I understand that not every thing is going to be in game, i guess i just wish that there was more of the story...
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    Crimmson Vault

    I have been wanting to make a thread like this for a long time, since destiny 1 vanilla days. the style of destiny, the lore(what little there is) fascinates me such that i can fill in the gaps. i will only be showcasing the weapons i like to use in game or would like to have had in game. I am...
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    Voltron paladin armor pepakura

    Dang, sorry I wasn't fast enough. I hope you can still use it.
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    Voltron 3d print

    Thank you for the tip. With blender and programs as such you just keep learning, I just learned about the L button function. Sand and sand and sand, fill and sand and paint is all that is left on Keith's bayard
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    File conversion

    In pepakura you can export it from pdo to obj, then import it to blender or meshmixer, as long as the file is not locked.