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    Reference Thread: H3: ODST Undersuit and Soft Parts

    I had trouble finding good undersuit reference out there so I figured everyone else was too NobleofDeath16 also has a really good general ODST reference pack.
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    Halo Wars 2: Sunray 1-1 Lance Corporal Sparks

    Yoooooo that looks SO GOOD!
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    Simple Helmet Speaker System

    I didn't realize you had it mounted in a port, that's pretty awesome.
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    Simple Helmet Speaker System

    330k for whatever reason seemed to work best for me. Any higher and it got too quiet, any lower and there too much distortion. Couldn't tell you the math of it. I may do some more experimenting tonight just for giggles.
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    Simple Helmet Speaker System

    I've tried both that kind and a deeper 1" speaker with an actual cone to similar effect. It's not that it's inaudible, but that lowering the resistor value increases volume, but also increases distortion because it seems to be overdriving the input of the amp. I doubt adding a second speaker...
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    Simple Helmet Speaker System

    It made it a little better, but still not quite as loud as moe's seems to be. The level of distortion is also quite high- to the point that words are no longer intelligible. Consider also that your speaker will sound very quiet until you baffle it, so try mounting it in a sheet of cardboard or...
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    Halo 3 Chief - "Finishing this fight"

    Have you considered building off of something like a 40k space Marine?
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    Halo 3 Chief - "Finishing this fight"

    Homemade templates?
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    Halo 3: ODST. NMPD SWAT cosplay.

    That would be awesome, I love seeing obscure stuff like this.
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    Back to Barge: Returning to Propmaking with Modular Swords [PICS]

    Looks like a belt sander will come in super handy for the next bit cause oh boy does that look like a lot of sanding.
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    Foam Kelly-087 Build

    Agreed, that cast looks CHOICE.
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    So I keep having Halo VR dreams...

    OOOOHHH he4thbar he got youuuuuuuu
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    Simple Helmet Speaker System

    Ok got it working! I ended up using a 330K resistor instead of the 4.7M. It sounds pretty crunchy but I was able to get it a little louder.
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    Simple Helmet Speaker System

    By the end of dialing in your setup, where did your electret preamp and amplifier gain settings end up?No matter how high I turn them up, I'm having trouble getting any kind of volume. The amplifier is definitely seeing the input; when you blow into the mic or tap on it you can hear it, but...