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    Sigma: The Game! weekly Updates

    Hey, I signed up on your website a while back and have been waiting for activation ever since. Think you could shed some light please?
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    Looking For 405th Members

    I'm just south of Cape Girardeau, MO.
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    What Does Your Username Mean?

    I got mine because I like to steal things. No, I got it from someone a while back because I'm a descendant of the Scottish Campbell Clan. Crook is a nickname for any Campbell for their usually crooked jaw.
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    FLG - Crawmerax on xbox 360 XBL

    You do know that it's very easy to kill him by yourself right?
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    Modelers need for Finepoint Games

    Well I guess you could count me in.
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    Modelers need for Finepoint Games

    So what kind of modeling do you need? Character, Environment, Vehicular, Weapon, or what? I guess you'll be needing someone to skin & rig and animate as well right?
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    Modelers need for Finepoint Games

    I might be interested though it would be very much appreciated if you could describe the game in some detail. I would rather not read through 60 pages.
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    Bad Words in the Forums

    You've also got to consider the fact that just because Halo is rated M for mature, that doesn't mean children under 17 can get their hands on it (with or without an adult buying it for them). The ESRB is a privately run rating group that a few self-important people started to try and govern...
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    ODST helmet game model

    I hate to sound like a broken record, but might there be a chance of you sending the model and bitmaping my way as well? I would love to up the definition on it.
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    ODST and Spiker Rifle

    There are a few guys in St. Peters, MO who built a life-size drop pod for a Best Buy attraction. I would assume they have a 3D model for it, though I may be mistaken. They have a website though so you could ask them.
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    Favorite Video Game Quotes

    Hello, I'm leaving. - Obi-wan Kenobi, Star Wars Battlefront 2 Survey says, you're dead. - Tyson and Salem, Army of Two
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    Your Best 3D Renders/models (Pic Heavy)

    Hey ForgedReclaimer, do you think I could get a copy of that warthog? I've got a pretty hefty project involving a hog and it would help tremendously.
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    Nintendude's 3D Models

    Nice models dude! Where did you find the claptrap model?
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    Halo 3: Odst - Pepakura Armor

    Well I should be able to start on it here in a few days. I've got quite a few projects I'm currently working on so I'm having to jump from one to another, but it shouldn't be too long.
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    Halo 3: Odst - Pepakura Armor

    Yeah I noticed that on both the Rook's and Dutch's helmets (among other discrepencies). I'm currently working on a more accurate version of Dutch as of now and should be able to modify it into a Rookie soon after.