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  • do not change the scale... the paper specifications arent correct... do you use letter or a4 paper?
    go to pepakura designer and printer /paper settings... then change letter format to a4 or a4 to letter, take the right format fit for your printer and paper.
    its possible that you have to check the positions of the pieces in the 2d mode again befor printing.
    the problem is that the american unfolder used letter format and the european and other use A4 as there standard of paper format.
    you have to spend some time to make the helmet looks perfect for you.
    if you want to create an odst like helmet then finish the helmet as quickly as you can with less bondo to smooth the edges.
    dont spend so much time on coloring and taping the helmet. but take your time and let the color coats dry.

    but if you want to create a real odst replica, then you wont finish the helmet until the release... its a hard job but if you finish the helmet and take your time without going with it to the release, then it will be great...

    the key is time and quality.
    choose a deadline and then you get your maximum of quality. you have to find the perfect relation between those two components. but there isnt a trick... but sanding the bondo smooth is the most time issue
    okay. thats the good one. some printers have problems with 110lb cardstock but the most can handle it.
    what kind of glue did you use? some normal glue, super glue or hot glue?
    i dont use cardboard... because its not easy to handle it... the edges arent sharp and the bondo create the worst edges ive ever seen... for the beginning try to handle the cardstock... you know which one to use?
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