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    Halo Masterchief Handplates

    thanks more to come hopefully
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    Halo Masterchief Handplates

    well i have do a test on the body filler one and it can survive a drop without cracking
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    Halo Masterchief Handplates

    well i first carved them out of wood with a hobby drill and other tools then i made a mold and cradle to support it and then i filled the mold with resin
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    Halo Masterchief Handplates

    these are my first hand plates me and my dad made ones made of resin and ones made of car filler because i kind of ran out of materials stil need some sanding and painting and there a little oversized i think but there my first ones so im not sure what size there supposed to be oh and...
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    Help Need Advice On Molding Chestplate

    helllo im kind of new to the 405th ive just finished my first smg and now i am about to mold a chest piece i bought from a prop maker in the uk and was wondering if anyone could supply any info or tutorials to help me make a mold of it in response to current posts the prop maker is a friend...
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    Two Halves

    best to mold it as one
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    MA5C Assault Rifle lots of pics

    well done it looks fantastic i want one of my own
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    Moleded Hand Plates

    very good handplates what will you do next
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    Iron Man Molded Suit

    wow forget master chief iron man rocks
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    Props Hellboy 2 Good Good Samaritan And M6g Update

    cool gun do you plan to make any other guns
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    Props Wolverine Claw Prop

    nice claws i would love a pair
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    Props "legendary" combat knife

    that is freaking amazing
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    Props Ratchet & Clank

    wow i have never seen anyone attempt to make ratchet and clank weapons
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    Props Few Weapons Im Working On Pg3

    i like the ma5k and smg best of all