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    Lostdude's Mk Vi Build

    you could do a lord helmet version of master chief
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    Plasma Grenade?

    the blue spoon doesnt denote a inert device, it denotes that it is for training. not a good idea in my book. i had a buddy in basic training deafened by just the charge.
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    What Did Santa Bring You?

    i lied about my previous post, i got a digi camera. i also purchased a 1tb hd how do you like the bamboo fun?
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    Nerf Ar Ma5c

    the bullpup design itself does not determine accuracy. it is the barrel length, the number of turns inside the barrel, and the type of ammunition. the steyr aug is a bullpup design and when compared to a m4, it is 20% shorter. it has the same length barrel. but yes, if you added a longer barrel...
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    Body Art

    nice tat sheol, i was thinking about doing something like that w/ a spade
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    The Rank Of The Odst

    my apologies, i am in the army lol. the thing that bothers me is that you have to be an E4 promotable to be special forces.
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    I Hate Winter!

    i love winter, i wish it had snowed and stuck in good old korea.
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    The Rank Of The Odst

    I was looking at my desktop and i realized that the rank of the ODST is that he is a PV2
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    What Did Santa Bring You?

    i got to work!
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    Super Sturdy Resin

    i was asking about the materials. i understand everything that he said. is there anything that i could possibly use that combined with carbonfiber that would made a super sturdy helmete
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    Super Sturdy Resin

    read last statement
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    Super Sturdy Resin

    What is the strongest resin and or material that i would be able to use to achieve a streangth close to or equaling that of a motorcycle helmet? I want to cast a bucket that could be used as a safety helmet. I DO UNDERSTAND THAT IT WOULDNT BE DOT APPROVED. BEFORE ANYONE STATES THAT IT WOULDNT BE.
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    Soft Parts Under Armor Gel

    the bullet resistant armor that the army uses is made out of a lot of layers that you just mentioned but no metal, it is ceramic due to it being lighter and provides more of an impulse. there is also a hydrostatic gel piece that can be purchased to be placed on the back of the plates to provide...
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    Props Cloud's Advent Children Sword

    nice BTW there are seven swords
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    Battlerifle Airsoft Gun

    what you would want to do is purchase an electronic FAMAS, gut it, and make a custom shell for the internals.