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    The Great Con List

    I came to this post thinking it was a list of scammers. As in con artists lol
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    A customizing question

    Revisions makes these cleaning cloths and spray for Military, Police, Paintball/Airsoft. From my experience they work pretty well. It seems like what the Revisions stuff does is stops fog from being able to stick to the inside of goggles.
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    When I'm not building Iron Man, I build my space observatory.

    This is really cool, It must be expensive. Ive never thought of someone building their own observatory like this.
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    Geolocation Map for Members (With New Map Link)

    Pretty cool, I added myself. I'm glad most 405th member's are east and central part of the country.
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    Skyrim Pepakura Files

    Pretty cool that there is plenty of Skyrim pep files. A year or two ago I made the Skyrim symbol by sweat soldering copper tubing together. If I have extra space and $ ill probably make a weapon.
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    His & Hers ODST WIP (pic heavy)

    Wow where to start, It seems like you have many many hours of work ahead of you. Ill tell you what though when you finish this project I bet you'll be a star at cons. It sounds like it will look really good. Can't wait to see pics of the armor and guns.
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    How did you find us?

    I was looking up halo armor on youtube and found Adam's youtube page
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    Marves2142's Halo 4 UNSC Marine (pic heavy)

    It looks really good but I think using a plate carrier as a base is a bit unnecessary.
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    Show us your 3D printer/ CNC machine!!!

    I'm jealous of everyone who has a 3d printer. They have so many uses, even ones that can make money!
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    Halo regiments by state or city

    From what I'm reading in this thread looks like I better get started on my armor ASAP If I'm going to be able to partake.
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    Props Thorssoli's Halo 4 Weapon Builds

    I'm not sure exactly what machine you're using to cut the parts out of wood but it look's really good and a sturdy way to build.
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    Props Halo 4 Nerf Assault Rifle (Pic Heavy)

    Good job I never though about using a Nerf gun. Just as a recommendation you should add some foam to the area around the mag well to make it look a big boxier.
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    Spartan 88 ( Foam ) Build

    Good luck on the build it will probably take a while. Although don't Spartan recruits start off wearing the Mark V helmet?
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    Northeastern 405th Regiment

    Hey hello I live down by the Mason Dixon in Maryland at least for now.
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Seth but I go by my halo lore character Daniel-382 Profession: I don't have a job or any money. The market is brutal where I live, I do whatever I can to make it. Ill be joining the US Army Infantry soon. Age: 17 Favorite Hobby: Video Games(Competitive/Casual/Coop), Cosplay, DND...