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    First atempt!

    Hey man you're looking fine! Especially for a first go! My time's pretty chewed up to bro :/ I'm applying to college :P Keep up the good work bro! :D
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    Halo regiments by state or city

    Pennsylvania! Any Tekkoshocon-ers here?
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    reach: my first foam build, or any for that matter (pic heavy)

    0_0 Good for you dude, $200 on sealant, I don't have the balls :P Btw, looking fine, this is encouraging me for my impending foam build
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    "Help!" for: Papercraft or Pepakura

    It looks really cool, but what is it doing in here? 0_0 Also, I'd still like to know if anyone has a one piece EVA pep
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    "Help!" for: Papercraft or Pepakura

    Rightio, here's my problem. I'm interested in building an EVA helmet, but the helmet pep comes in two parts off the index! I am NOT interested in trying to make two different pieces scale smoothly into one. SO! I've been trying to find a different pep all night, but thus far the index is the...
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    Tutorial: Painting systems for realistic results

    Firstly, thank you for your time! We definitely appreciate this. Secondly, what do you use for painting scratches? A toothpick comes to mind but that sounds a mite thick for realistic scratches :/
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    photoshoot mark VI armor

    Good solid start man, that's why I'm bothering to throw my 2 cents in: you need to cover or paint the foam on your armor, cause it's showing. Second, you're wrists are still exposed on your undersuit. Lastly, color the visor. Good job though man! Keep it up!!! oop, missed one, maybe apply...
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    Tutorial: Painting systems for realistic results

    Okay maybe you will post in less than an hour... o_0 I'm kind of left speechless. Nothing to say that hasn't been said, 6 out of 5 stars sirrah.
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    Tutorial: Painting systems for realistic results

    You have 33 more minutes. Jk jk, thanks for your time! We really appreciate this :) (but you know... if you DO post in 32 more minutes, I won't complain...)
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    Sanding tips?

    I've never worked with Bondo, but I've tried to do body filling on wood props. In my very inexperienced opinion, I would say its body FILLER, not body creator. As far as I know it fills in the holes, not adds on three more layers. Best of luck bro! :D you seem to be doing well!
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    Plans for future armor

    Take note, I haven't even started on this yet, but here's the direction I'm going in. Just wondering what you guys thought of it. (Sorry for the quality, I whipped this up in 5 min. with nothing but paint and a touchpad) (No I did NOT draw the EVA) Also, there will be no BR and assault...
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    J326 Spartan III Armor Version 2 WIP [Foam]

    BAT MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!! In other news: Perhaps you could add some detail by NOT modge podging certain areas on purpose, is that what you did there?
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    Real Gravity Hammer?

    I apologize for the necro post, but only a little. I thought this was definitely worth sharing. My dad was sitting beside me at the table and pretty quickly identified what these are, and if they aren't it, then they're very similar. What my dad believes them to be, are torpedoes. No, not...
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    awesome halo 3 chain gun

    I personally would say try to add some more body to it. When something's really thin it looks fragile, which is okay with sniper rifles and the like because it adds to the elongated long ranged effect. A chain gun or a missile pod is made to look break-the-door-and-your-face-in-bad@$$ (USUALLY...
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    my Hayabusa helmet

    It looks great! What did you use to put the swirls on the spike?