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  • Hey! I wanted to let you know I'm working on a Dead Space build for midnight release, check out my post & tell me what you think!
    So that's the end of my Noble 6. I did it. On time and I will be making more! Thanks to all the help/ideas/comments.

    405th rule
    Oh that's bitchin'! I couldn't agree more. & how much did that set you back? Because my copy went walkabout & I haven't seen it since, so I might have to pick that one up. & I swear to god if they kill off PH I will never see another movie again, haha! However, I hope they do the game thing where if you injur him enough he literally moves in slow motion for a period of time. Haha
    Hey Dax, Have you seen the trailer for the New Silent Hill movie? When I first heard about it I had my doubts & it really made me pissed off when I heard James wasn't going to be in it or even involve his story. But I recently saw the trailer for the film & I have to say, it's really turning me around, even better, Looks like Pyramid Head is still going to play a major role, which just makes me jump up & down for joy. XD, anyway, I just wanted to share that with ya & I hope you have a wonderful day! Catcha around
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