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    Noob in need of help. Please.

    I believe you can download a pepakura program for mac.
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    New Recruit Orientation Video

    Very Well done Video' I liked it. Orientations is what im kinda use to. So seeing a Orientation video makes the process alot better
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    Your pics are great'

    Your pics are great'
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    Halo Movie Back in Production?

    I spoke on the internet with a artist who works at Weta Workshops and he definitely said that there is no Halo Movie in the making Anymore. There Current movie they are working on is, "Elysium.." And there is no details what this one will be of.
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    405th Mentor Programme 2.0

    Thanks Ventrue!
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    405th Mentor Programme 2.0

    This is intresting!
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Ryan Walsh Profession: Apprenticing Welder Age: 26 Favorite Hobby: Making Art, Designing video games. Favorite part of halo: Killing Grunts. Favorite Halo: 1 Favorite Video Game: Halo Other Interests: Prophecies Favorite Food: Sushi! Favorite Band: Fiendflug Favorite Movie(s): District 9