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    It's All In The Detail

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before... But I thought maybe instead of having people get annoyed by newbies (like me) who had no idea, when they first came to the forum, that the stickies contained almost all information we would ever ask silly questions of in the noob forum, there could...
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    Rental Suits?

    Are you allowed to enter a costume contest with someone else's work? Especially if it's rental? Anywho good luck finding someone willing.
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    My First Ever Papercraft

    If you want the exact Japanese pronounciation.. it's more like. peh-pah-koo-la (no emphasis/accent on any particular syllable), except for the la is pronounced with more of a tic at the top of your tongue.. it's hard to explain. ANYWHO. Good job for first attempt :D
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    So This Is What I've Decided To Do For My Suit

    Wouldn't it be hilarious, though, since it follows through with the game :p Anyway I didn't mean another ACTUAL helmet under the first one. I meant I'll paint the black neck/head piece of the UNDERSUIT to look like a helmet.
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    Abother Cool Movie Unveiled In 08!

    I just hope the screenplay is up to par. 'cause the CGI is amazing.
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    So This Is What I've Decided To Do For My Suit

    So I was thinking.. I should do a thing where under the helmet, THERE'S ANOTHER HELMET. I'll paint it on the neck piece of the undersuit or something. /endseriousmode
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    Desktop's Anyone?

    Dock is by rocketdock. Dock icons by a variety of artists. WP by Blizzard. I just tweaked it a bit to my liking. Theme is Gotham from Stardock.
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    microsoft paint

    Bahaha... Not a pc, just a wacom tablet :9
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    microsoft paint

    I didn't do this with MSPaint... (obviously) But it is my drawing, so what the heck 8D. Something I'm working on at the moment. Both done in photoshop.
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    Mistress.. Chief?

    I realize. :) The reason why I wanted a female version was not for showing what's up there and what's down there.. It's just that I'm around 158cm in height, so a MC suit on me would lose all its glory and power in character.. it'd loose the umph, if you know what I mean. And I'd hate to take...
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    Mistress.. Chief?

    Thanks guys ^__^ So I found a version of the female spartan that in my opinion looks better than the one I posted previously. I looked through the forum and gathered just about everything I need to know before starting on the suit...
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    My First Helmet

    I'd have to agree. But if you insist on continuing with the cardboard idea, then making the supposedly symmetrical pieces... actually symmetrical would definitely help.
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    Mistress.. Chief?

    Seems as though everyone has mixed feelings about the design of this character. Yes her helmet is funky. I'm just going to use Master Chief's helmet. And the fact that a lot of her skin is showing isn't really practical either..
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    Mistress.. Chief?

    I was wondering if anyone ever attempted making a girl version of Master Chief's costume. I'd love to wear his costume.. but I'm just too small to pull it off, so I've decided to go for a feminine version. Artist: David Johnson. Has it been done before?