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    My SB ODST Armor Finished, Finally!

    Dude...Major props on the armor. Really liking it, man.
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    My noob question...

    I can completely understand the issue of recasting. I'm not skilled enough to do it, but I can see the reason of fear. Thank you very much though!
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    My noob question...

    Hey guys! Sorry about this noob question, but we've all gotta start out somewhere. I am an artist and I love to paint. Would any of you happen to know where I could get a blank plastic halo helmet? Or would any one be able to sell me one? I'm hoping if it's blank and out of the mold it should be...
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    Hello! My name is Austin and I am a pretty big fan of Halo. Several times I have heard of this website and I figured I ought to join! So, I hope I'll get to know some of you and thanks for having such a great site!