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Birth Name: Jeremy T. Petty
Codename: Demogorgon (dae-mo-gor-gun)
ID: D082
DOB: July 28, 2511
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Location of Birthplace: Bradenton, Florida
Year of UNSC Enlistment: 2517
Current Rank: Classified
Classification: Sniper/ Recon, Stealth, Special Operations, Search and Rescue.
Squad/Fireteam: Lonewolf
Primary Weapon of Interest: DMR
Secondary Weapon of Interest: M6H
Preferred Armor Ability: Active Camouflage
Armor Set Used: GEN-2 Hayabusa, Developed by RKD Industries. Only two GEN-2 Hayabusa armor kits were produced.
Personality: Young, Cautious, Methodical, Observant
Relationship Towards Fellow Comrades: Converses only when approached, tends to be alone.
Last Known Location: Classified
Status: Classified
Miscellaneous Info: Demogorgon was recruited into the SPARTAN program at the age of 6. He showed signs of advanced thinking patterns, superior reflexes, and an aggressive drive for success. Because of his recruitment at a young age, his social skills are lacking. What he lacks in social skills, he surpasses all but a few in motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and tactical and methodical thinking. He was raised alongside John-117 with Dr. Catherine Halsey. Demogorgon was held back from the other SPARTAN-II’s and was placed into a secretive, experimental training program called Project Hayabusa GEN-2. Ten candidates were entered into this program, only two survived. Demogorgon has been used for top secret reconnaissance, search and rescue, and stealth missions. As of 2557, Demogorgon is still one of the UNSC’s greatest weapons, directly behind John-117.
Bradenton, Florida
Business Owner
Xbox Live Gamertag


"Be Excellent to each other, party on dudes!"