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  • Oregon. It's in the Pacific Northwest of the US.
    Gets pretty chilly here. And wet. 85% of the weather here is rain. haha
    well the alpha AI was based on The director, Tex was based on the women he loved, so in the same way alpha loves tex, but tex is based on a women who died, so she will always die in the end.
    but indeed, tex that he forgot in the capture unit wasn't the real tex, she was just another version of the real tex created by the alpha, but as seen in season 9 (the animations) episode 10 introductions when tex got shot she didnt bleed, there were sparks so there she already was a android.
    and tex was based on alice, a women he lost in battle, so tex is not a real person to begin with
    I think what's going on in RVB is the Director made an AI of Tex because he thought he lost her. Something bad could've happened and she went missing so his heart ache drove him to make a replacement when in actuality, she's still alive.
    If you recall to the Finale of Season 9, Church asks if it was the REAL Tex who helped him get out of the Capture Unit.

    Also, in Season 8, when Epsilon Church (monitor) and Caboose found the hidden Freelancer base, Church took the memories that Caboose gave him to create yet another Tex. Tex was just missing at the time he created that Tex Copy. Then that Tex went to fight Maine and Washington and got captured in the Capture Unit

    In Season 9, Church was searching for the memory of Tex that he created. She wasn't the original Tex AI.
    I found it on Google while searching for pics of well... Tex. haha
    It is on a DA profile and I thought it was neat.
    Turns out, someone ripped it off of Hyo, one of our elite members here, and her photographer's work. They took one of her pictures from DA and then photoshopped it to look like Tex instead of Cortana without crediting Hyo or her photographer. Oops.
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